Taking care of your motorcycle is about looking after both the things you can see; tyres, chain, sprockets, brakes, oil, filters, etc and the things unseen like the air/fuel ratio of your motor under all conditions of use. The only way most people can do this is by having their bike on a dyno (there are other methods but unless you want to invest in equipment and are a tech head then not for you).


Most new motorcycles come from the factory in a state of tune that is not ideal. There are a number of reasons for this compromise including worldwide variations of fuel, atmospheric conditions, altitude and of course emissions restriction requirements. These euro 3, 4, 5 & 6 requirements are intended to make vehicles run with low emissions. In reality new vehicles are just “tuned” to pass the ride by test for emissions and noise. The way this is achieved is by restricting the exhaust and induction noise through baffling and by restricting emissions by running the bike very lean which is often dangerous for the motor.

The first thing you need to do is a power run (actually we always do 2) to see what your bike’s power and torque curves look like, and more importantly, what the associated Air/Fuel ratios are like over the rev range. Admittedly this is only a brief look but i gives us a good idea of what your engine is doing and where trouble may show up.

The next step is a dyno tune. Most manufacturers have locked ECU’s on their vehicles these days. While unlocking the ECU is one way to modify the fuel map, it may not be legal for road use. Obviously if you have a race bike then this path is OK for you and may provide the best solution.

If you are using your bike mainly on the road then it is best we use something like a PowerCommander5 to modify the fuel mixture it achieve a better tune. This will improve the fuel economy, power and torque of your bike. Most times it will also make it much nicer to ride by smoothing out the torque and power curves.

If this sounds interesting to you then please give us a call and make a time to bring your bike in.



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