About Us

We are a locally owned and operated motorcycle workshop that believe in that old school honest and quality service.

We’re riders and enthusiasts and we don’t discriminate, old or new, big or small, every bike gets treated like our own.

We love full builds and simple services and we ensure every bike leaves the shop running and looking better than it arrived.

Brendan Hilt

Old, new, on or off road, Brendan has 20 years experience riding, racing, servicing and building them. With race mechanic experience, Brendan brings some serious skills  including engine and suspension rebuilds, fuel mapping and dyno tuning, engine and electrical diagnostics to name just a few. 

Mark Simpson

Mark lives and breathes motorcycles. A keen rider and racer he loves nothing more than talking bikes.

Having been in the industry for 20+ years either selling them, working on them or running a workshop, he knows bikes and customer service.

Nic Sutcliffe

Fully qualified, VicRoads testers license, Honda and Triumph master technician, and specialist trained with too many manufacturers to list. Great skills and a great bloke, we are very happy to have Nic as part of the Shed team. Say g’day next time you’re in.

Jim van Slujis

We are very lucky to have Jim AKA “Jumbo” in the shed team. With finding spares are getting harder, having a man with nearly 5 decades experience in the motorcycle industry is a real blessing.
One of the keenest riders we know, if you haven’t seen Jumbo down the GOR on any given weekend you haven’t been looking!

Stew Armitage

We’re very lucky to have master metal man Stew Armitage on the team. A multi-talented man, Stew is in the shop part time and brings some serious welding and fabrication skills to the Shed.

Repairs, one off parts, sheet metal, you name it, if its metal Stew can make it.

Motorcycle Shed Geelong