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Conti Road Attack 3


Front $

Rear $

Comfortable and easy for all demands, whether on long rides or winding roads. Performance oriented pattern design for better drainage in wet conditions. More improved wet grip due to an optimized compound.

Conti Go


Front $

Rear $

Perfect grip under all weather conditions for all-year-round use. Excellent mileage due to up-to-date compound technology. Innovative tread pattern design for even wear and good water dispersement.

Conti Tour


Front $

Rear $

Specially for heavy touring bikes, cruisers and Harleys engineered carcass construction for easy handling, solid behavior and a high level of comfort

dunlop tires

Geomax AT81


Front $99

Rear $119-$129

It is not unusual to encounter all types of conditions, from hard packed fire roads, sand,water crossings, mud and loam all in a days ride and that is where the AT 81 offers an exceptional overall choice.

Enduro D952


Front $84

Rear $94-$99

The Dunlop D952 is a value-priced off-road tyre designed to help deliver grip and excellent durability in a wide variety of terrain and conditions. The D952 boasts long wear and great traction.

Geomax MX51


Front $89

Rear $99-$109

The medium-hard terrain tyre developed and perfected in the world’s most competitive motocross environment. Anti-rebound rubber reduces kick back, great for harder terrain.

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